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We Eliminate Computer Downtime Guaranteed!

Neutronis provides a full service, remote management solution for your business.
We can fully manage every aspect of your server(s) and computer(s).

Benefits of Using Neutronis

  • Low Cost

    As low as $15 per device, Neutronis provides you with a fully managed, all inclusive computer support solution for your servers and workstations. We ensure that your infrastructure is updated and running optimally.

  • 24/7 Assurance

    Availability of your data is key. Our support staff monitors your network infrastructure 24 hours a day. We are immediately alerted of any issues so that an informed decision can be made on how to proceed preventing downtime.

  • Patches/Updates

    Neutronis ensures that your servers and workstations are running optimally with all recommended software patches and updates. We maintain this for you automatically.

  • Support Staff

    We provide dedicated support staff to address any issues with your equipment. 24 hours a day we are only a click away. You can instantly generate a trouble ticket to have a technician dispatched immediately.

  • Reporting

    Do you know the health status of every machine in your office? With Neutronis you are provided detailed status reports so that you can make informed decisions for capacity planning and end of life equipment upgrades.

  • Automation

    Efficient business operations inherently generate more revenue. Neutronis has the capability to automate most any IT related task for your servers and workstations. No more manually checking to see if a particular program ran last night.

How does it work?

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Step 1

Our secure management agent is installed on each devices you would like supported to analyze and generate health status reports.

Step 2

With the health status report we formulate a plan to address any outstanding issues that will need to be resolved prior to launch.

Step 3

The agreed upon solutions are launched with full knowledge transfer. This process is performed in an organized step by step manner.


You will receive a status report and health checks analysis on a continual basis to ensure all systems are running at optimal levels.

Neutronis was able to assist our company in optimizing our existing infrastrucutre
as well as provide offsite and onsite technical expertise when we needed it.
I would highly recommend Neutronis to any company that wants to run optimally.

Helen Winter

Westigo Industries

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