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Computer Repair Services

We offer computer repair and cloud services 24hrs a day. If you are in need of technical support, server setup, virus removal or other computer related support issues please contact us or use one of our local computer support numbers. We have many support options available.

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Cloud Workspace (VDI)

Neutronis offers a complete cloud desktop that we guarantee will save you money & increase productivity. This isn't just remote apps that other providers offer. You will have a complete desktop in the cloud that allows every windows application and company data from any mobile or desktop device (Even Apple Devices). Request Free Demo

Security & Antivirus

Computer Security is of utmost importance. We can consult with your business to ensure maximum security. We provide computer and server security monitoring, virus removal and intrusion detection as well as complete firewall services. Neutronis also offers an anti theft tracking option for valuable computer equipment. Request Free Demo

Management & Monitoring

Neutronis offers a powerful, streamlined, computer management and monitoring tool that protects your computers, servers, and network infrastructure with remote management efficiency. We ensure that your servers and computers are running 24 hours a day guaranteed! Request Free Demo

Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup

Backup is critical to disaster recovery. An offsite backup is even more critical. Cloud backup guarantees that your data is protected and accessible offsite. Your backup is encrypted and stored in a HIPAA / SOC 2 compliant facility. Our business protection packages start at $34.95 Request Free Demo

Cloud Virtual Data Center (VDC)

If you would like to setup your own Virtual Data Center (VDC) we have affordable dedicated options that will allow you to be up and running in a matter of moments. Our VM control panel allows you to spin up servers instantly and utlize a virtually limitless pool of resources to meet your needs. Request Free Demo


What our customers are saying about us...

We provide full demo access to all of our cloud products.

Videos, Web Conferences and in person training are a part of our cloud service products. We want to ensure that you are fully comfortable with what you are receiving. Our sales staff and resellers go through an in depth training program that allows them ample time to adapt to new technologies.

Training Media offered in multiple formats.

We understand that different people learn better from different methods. We will work with you to ensure that you feel confident in all aspects of the solution being offered in whatever training method you prefer.


  • Manage from any location

    With Neutronis you have the ability to manage your IT infrastructure from any web attached device including laptop, smart phone, tablet or desktop.

  • Real Time Alerting

    No more missed alerts because a server is still pingable but has a hung application. Neutronis can monitor logs in real-time and alert accordingly.

  • Fully Customizable

    IT staff have multiple ways of accomplishing tasks. We offer full scripting integration for you to automate any task you'd like.


Technology is involving at an exponential rate. In order to maintain currency a company must have technicians that are up to date with the latest technology in order to fully optimize their resources.


I own a company that offers IT solutions to other small businesses. Neutronis was able to provide me with a Remote Management solution that allowed me to take care of my customers in a very effective manner. I couldn't be happier!

Patrick Pool