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who is neutronis

Neutronis is an experienced cloud service provider, computer repair and managed service provider with over 20 years of history.

Neutronis has had the privilege to support a vast array of computer technologies and provide specialized support for businesses. We can typically save a business over 30% a year in computer management costs by switching to our cloud workspace or managed services. Through the years we have aided businesses around the world from small startup's to large multinational enterprises to manage over 65,000 computers, servers, and user objects.

The following time line is a high level overview of our history for the past 20+ years. It has been a very rewarding experience allowing us to gain a vast amount of knowledge in the business sector that allows us to formulate solutions for the current marketplace.

our history

  • In the early 90's the founder of Neutronis started his business adventure by becoming one of the first I.S.P.'s (Internet Service Providers) in his local area. This initial business laid the foundation of internet infrastructure knowledge that was key to later data centre development and cloud services.

  • 1996 brought the expansion of consulting services in the Chicago market. This was a success allowing us to gain additional knowledge of business operations with server/workstation management deployment.

  • We expanded into 3 new data centres to grow our Internet Infrastructure. This allowed us to offer services from multiple locations before the days of content delivery networks and cloud services.

  • We started offering centralized managed services. Our managed services solution allowed companies the first opportunities to optimize existing IT infrastructure from central locations. This allowed businesses to reduce overhead and increase their profit margin.

  • We continue to grow our cloud & managed services and support centre allowing optimized solutions for business of all sizes.


An opportunity exists whenever there is a need, want, problem or challenge that can be addressed, solved and or satisfied in an innovative way

Neutronis has multiple innovative products to provide optimized solutions for your business. We strive to increase your revenue through one of the many technologies at our disposal. Here a few of the many solutions we provide.

We offer custom cloud solutions that fit exactly into your budget requirements while maintaining the optimal level of performance, security and reliability. We offer our services from multiple facets. Neutronis has the ability to be available on an as needed basis all the way up to an all encompassing IT staff that can fully manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

One important thing that Neutronis allows is reselling. If you would like to use our cloud solutions for your own customers we can assist you in developing a solution for that scenario as well.

The best of our specialists

Caroline Beek

Social Media Expert

John McCoist

Infrastructure Engineer

Dayle Peters

Account Representative

Sam Kromstain

Cloud Engineer


  • Manage from any location

    With Neutronis Cloud Services you have the ability to manage your IT infrastructure from any web attached device including laptop, smart phone, tablet or desktop.

  • Real Time Alerting

    No more missed alerts because a server is still pingable but has a hung application. Neutronis can monitor logs in real-time and alert accordingly.

  • Fully Customizable

    IT staff have multiple ways of accomplishing tasks. We offer full scripting integration for you to automate any task you'd like.


Technology is involving at an exponential rate. In order to maintain currency a company must have technicians that are up to date with the latest technology in order to fully optimize their resources.


I own a company that offers IT solutions to other small businesses. Neutronis was able to provide me with a Remote Management solution that allowed me to take care of my customers in a very effective manner. I couldn't be happier!

Patrick Pool

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