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  • Experienced Computer Support Staff

    Neutronis technicians have over 20 years of computer repair and support experience. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Fast Response

    Neutronis computer repair response times are extremely fast because we dispatch technicians directly to your office. No more waiting or having to bring your computer in.

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  • Personal Guarantee

    We guarantee your problem will be resolved or there is no charge!

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Neutronis specializes in business computer systems. Our support staff can help setup, diagnose and repair any computer item expeditiously.

  • Email
  • Workstation Setup and Repair
  • Server Setup and Repair
  • Laptop and Mobile Setup
  • Backup and Data Restoration
  • AntiVirus and Data Security
  • Printer Support


Neutronis was here and had the problem resolved before the other company even returned my phone call. I would highly recommend. There is no better option in Adrian!

-Patrick Pool

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Neutronis was able to assist our company in optimizing our existing infrastrucutre
as well as provide offsite and onsite technical expertise when we needed it.
I would highly recommend Neutronis to any company that wants to run optimally.

Helen Winter

Westigo Industries

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