Microsoft Windows Server end of life happens July 2015, is your company ready?

The clock is ticking for companies still using Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and the deadline for end of life is approaching quickly!

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Microsoft will officially end their support of Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. With the average Windows Server taking close to 200 days to migrate, companies should be starting migrations now. Is your company one of them?
While computers will still run after support ends, it will cause many problems for companies attempting to carry on business as usual. Some of the impending issues include:

  • Microsoft is to end all technical support
  • Some organizations governed by strict regulations may be considered non-compliant with security requirements.
  • Computer systems will no longer have any security updates. Your computers will be exposed to increased number of viruses, malicious software, spyware, as well as other increased cyber security issues which can leave your company’s protected information at risk.
  • Computer users may also deal with issues related to software & hardware compatibility due to many new software and hardware devices and applications are not being built to be compatible with Windows 200

What are your options?

Protect your company from the negative impact of data loss, privacy, system resources and business integrity & assets from the Microsoft 2003 end of life . Neutronis can help your company to protect their infrastructure by executing a smooth and successful migration to cloud based services or a newer currently supported operating system.

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