What is cloud backup?

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Cloud backup, also known as online backup, is a strategy of backing up data by transferring an exact copy of the data over the internet to an off-site server.  You may ask yourself why would I want to do that?  The most common reason is for disaster recovery.  If something happens at the physical location of your data and the backup also resides at the same physical location you risk total data loss.   A data loss can have catastrophic effects on a business.  

On average 62% of businesses will experience a data loss without a standardized backup solution in place.  25% of the companies that experienced a loss stated that the business was thrown into chaos, while 24% stated that the morale of the company was seriously affected. 15% reported that at least one employee was fired due to the loss.  

Data is critical to your business but often times the backup is assumed to be taken care when in actuality it is not until it’s to late.  It is highly recommended to have an offsite backup solution.  Neutronis Technical services is a cloud backup provider that offers backup packages to individuals as well as businesses.  Please take a moment to consider how important your data is.  

Contact Neutronis Technical Services to discuss a backup solution that fits your situation.  734-212-1012 / support@neutronis.com

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