What are managed services and can they save my business money?


What are managed services?  You may have asked yourself this because you’ve heard the term tossed around by an IT person. Managed services simply put is the management of your technology.  What it includes varies from provider to provider.  I will show you an example.  Neutronis is a managed service provider that includes all of the following in their managed service package.

  • 24/7 Unlimited Desktop and Server Support
  • Patching, Software Updates, and Health Checks
  • AntiVirus and Internet Security Guarantee
  • Remote Support for instant response.
  • Full Application Support
  • Equipment Auditing and end of life cycle rotation schedule
  • Scheduled reporting of your systems
  • Network Security Reports
  • And more…

This is all included for $35/Workstation.

Why would someone choose a managed service model over the legacy “break fix” scenario?   In a break fix scenario you are charged only when you call.   There is a serious downside to that way of operating.  Those “breaks” impact business and cost you more than just what the company charges you for the repair.  They cost you in lost productivity of employees as well as possible business from customers do to the downtime.  With a managed service setup the downtime is virtually eliminated do to a proactive management of the computer systems.   Here are some hard numbers from an independant  study that was performed by CompTIA  on over 400 businesses which switched to managed services.

  • 46% have reduced their budgets by at least 25% or more
  • 13% of the above have cut spending by over 50%
  • 50% said they have cut annual costs up to 24%

Over 96% of the respondents say Managed Services saves them money.  It’s not just about the savings either.

  • 89% of Managed Services users are very satisfied with their experience
  • Reasons include: Uptime, Security, Ease of Use, etc.

As you can see the numbers speak for themselves.  I would urge you to consider setting up your business with a managed services.  Feel free to reach out to me directly via toll free number 844-964-HELP or enter your info into my contact form and I’ll contact you with more information.

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