Web Search Address Bar Tip

Search Directly From the Browser Bar

When you want to search for something on the internet do you type in your favorite search site in your web browser address bar.  As an example google.com or www.google.com ?

Pleaes allow me to offer you a “faster” solution.  Most current web browsers support direct searches.  This means you can type your search term directly in the address bar and it will automatically search the internet.  This allows you to eliminate the first step of typing in a search engine name such as google.com altogether.

Search Bar

Search Bar

Most browsers’ URL bars automatically double as an online search bar, and those that don’t have plug-ins you can install to it so. Typically, you can decide which service it will use to carry out the search: Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, DuckDuckGo, and so forth. You can set this as a preference in your browser.

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