Snow Days and Working Remotely

Snow Day

It’s a snow day! Now what?

Snow days can make it impossible to make it to the office safely.   Often times the majority of your company data is on a server that is connected to the company network.  This can pose a problem if you’re unable to connect to that network.   There are companies that offer remote access to select employees through what is called a “VPN” or virtual private network.  If you’ve ever used a “VPN” you know that it can be very slow and frequently disallows complete access to company resources due to it’s limitations.  The good news is tech companies have taken note of this and have begun offering alternative options to accessing your important company data remotely while maintaining security.   You may have heard talk around the water cooler of “the cloud” but what is it really?  The cloud simply stated is software or services that are accessible over the internet.  That sounds great but what is an example?  Netflix is an example of a cloud based application/service that allows direct access from your location over the internet.  How can your company use the cloud?  First, it is recommended that you partner with a company that provides cloud based services and technical support.   Neutronis Technical Services of Jackson & Ann Arbor is such a company.  Neutronis can help you setup your infomation securely in the Cloud with full remote access from any web enabled device.  The great thing about the cloud is it will typically save your company money due to it’s centralized management model and increased efficiency.   Below are some frequently asked questions about cloud services.

Is it secure? Absolutely, banks from around the world allow remote access to account information via the cloud.

Is it fast?  If you can stream an HD movie on your internet connection you will can certainly access a document a blazing speed.

Is it expensive?  No, in actuality putting your data in the cloud can actually be more affodable than than using traditional servers onsite.  The reason for this is due to centralized management of the resource and the set cost to maintain it.

How do I get my information to the cloud?  It is recommened that you work with an experienced cloud service provider such as Neutronis Technical Services.

When should you move to the cloud?  No better time to get started than today.

I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have about cloud services.  Feel free to contat me via email or call my office 734-212-1012.

Enjoy the snow!

Jason Walkowicz
Neutronis Technical Services
Office: 734-212-1012

Neutronis is a local company that has recently moved to the area that has begun offering cloud services to local businesses.

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