Print the screen or copy whats on the screen.

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot or picutre of whats on your screen and email it or copy it to a document.  There is a simple keyboard combination that allows you to do just that.

Control + Print Screen

Print Screen

Print Screen

After you press the keyboard combination you can past (Control +V) the image directly into any windows program or open document.  If you’d like assistance on copying and pasting with keyboard shortcuts be sure to check out our Windows Keyboard Shortcuts tech tip post.

There is also a little tip if you only want the program that is in the forground to be screenshot and not the entire screen.  Simply hold down the “Alt” key while you press control +print screen

That’s all for todays tech tip go and give it a try.  Be sure to add yourself to our tech tip newsletter that brings these tips right to your email box.

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