Neutronis offers free computer repair services to charities and nonprofits

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Neutronis wants to offer computer support  and speed boost services to Charities as well as Nonprofits at no charge!

Neutronis has been providing computer repair and support services for over 20 years.  In the last 20 years we have had the privilege to help countless customers.  We have seen many smiles and received many thanks.

We think it’s time we gave something back and would like to extend the following offer.  If you run a charity/nonprofit or know of one that could use some help with their computers please call us Toll Free 844-964-HELP.

We would like to set you up at no charge with our Secure Speed Boost package.  Here is a quick run down of what the Secure Speed Boost package is.

Our secure speed boot package includes:

  • AntiVirus Checkup
  • Disk Defrag
  • Temp File Cleanup
  • Backup Check
  • CPU Utilization Monitoring
  • Disk space check

This service takes care of your pc by performing maintenance tasks that keep it running optimally.   This package greatly increases the longevity an optimal running status of your computer.

Your location doesn’t limit you from taking advantage of this offer.  We can perform this service as long as your pc is connected to the internet.

Please call us today to get signed up.  Toll Free 844-964-HELP

Feel free to view our website for details on all of the services we offer.

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