Jackson, Michigan Computer Support and Repair Services

Jackson, Michigan

Jackson, Michigan

What are my options when searching for a reliable computer repair and consulting firm in the Jackson, Michigan Area?

A quick google search will display a few options but how do you select a company you can trust to take care of your comptuers?

Here are a few tips on how to select a company to work on your computers, servers and other IT related infrastructure.

  1. How long has the company been in business?
    A good indicator of a companys success can be a result of how long they’ve been in business. After all it’s hard to stay in business if your customers go elsewhere due to poor service.
  2. What are existing/former customers reviews?
    A good source for business referral information is your local chamber of commerce. The Jackson Area Chamber of commerce can be reached at (517) 782-8221   Online reviews can also be a good indicator or current customer satisfaction.
  3. Who will be doing the actual work on your computers/servers?
    Don’t be afraid to ask about the technicians certifications and training to ensure the person helping you is qualified.
  4. How much is the company going to charge?
    There can be a large range in what tech companies charge for service.  Typically the rate will be by the hour.  Hourly rates vary nationwide but the national average is This can often be an indicator of “you get what you pay for” so don’t always go with the cheapest option.
  5. How available is the company to answer your questions?

Neutronis is a computer consulting firm with support and repair services offered in Jackson, Michigan.  We would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have concerning technical support.  If you would like to speak with us or schedule an onsite appointment please call toll free 844-964-HELP or you can submit a support request online.

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