Hacked by a public computer! What you should know.

Have you ever used a public computer to check your email or other item on the interent.  You could be potentially opening yourself up to be hacked.



What happens prior to your knowledge is an hacker can install some malicious software on the public computer called a keylogger which can then in turn capture any information you enter while using the computer.  Often times a person thinks i’m only checknig my email what’s the big deal?

Well,  think about them reading every single email you’ve ever written as well as using that email address to send email and also retrieve “forgotten” passwords to other sites that you registered with the same email.  This can pose a serious problem for an individual.

There have identity theft charges brought against people using these methods as well as blackmail situations due to the often sensitive information that can be obtained within your computer.

Next time you want to check your email on a public computer consider the possible consequences.

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