Do you need a new Managed Service Provider (MSP)?


Finding an affordable, reliable, Managed Service Provider (MSP) is no easy task.  The technology that they manage for your business is critical.  Critical importance requires careful consideration.  There are a few key factors when choosing a managed service provider.

Location, Location, Location

How important is it that the company supporting your technology is local?  This may surprise you but technology has advanced so much in regards to computer/server management that being physically close to a computer is no longer necessary. Neutronis as an example is a managed service provider in Jackson,Michigan.  Neutronis has clients spread across the United States and the rest of the world. This is due to management tools that allow managed service providers to remotely monitoring your equipment 24 hours a day.  When it comes to location the most important factor is often the ability for you and your assigned technical team to understand each other.  It can be frustrating attempting to explain a problem to someone that does’t fluently speak the same language as you.  To summarize location is only important to the point that the MSP providing service can understand your need and speak to you in a friendly understandable voice.


When you start pricing managed services you will notice there is quite a price range.  There are several factors to consider when comparing prices.  The most important point to make is cheaper is most certainly not better.  It takes time and resources to manage a network properly and no amount of short cuts to save money and submit a lower bid on the MSP’s side will be a benefit to you.  With that being said… You will encounter a few different pricing models.

  1. Per Device
    • Per device is very straight forward and will typically range from $35-$75 for computers and $99-$200 per server.  The services that are covered per device are negotiable and can very greatly from one MSP to another so be sure to compare them closely to ensure each quote is comparable other than price.  At the basic level an MSP will provide up/down monitoring notifying you if a machine ever becomes unavailable within working hours.
  2. Per User
    • Per User is similar to per device but is used in situations where you have a ratio of employees to computers other than 1 to 1.
  3. Per Need
    1. Per Need is a way to analyze a current’s business technology needs and provide a quote based on what the MSP would require to manage a very specific need within a company.  An example of this would be email.  An MSP would be contracted to handle all aspects of email management including servers and computers but only that particular use.


Be sure to check out the service history of the MSP that is submitting a bid.  If they say they provide 24 hour support call them after normal business hours to ensure that someone answers the phone.  Ask for references and request a detailed SLA (Service Level Agreement).  The SLA is your guarantee that you will be supported within certain parameters.

Now you have some basics on how to choose a managed service provider.  Neutronis would be happy to answer any questions you may have about using an MSP or how much it would be to manage your network.  Please feel free to call use at 734-212-1012 or Toll Free 844-964-HELP



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