Do you have a Virus? 5 things NOT to do while using your computer.


Virus Protection and Removal

Slow, Unresponsive, locking up, pop ups… These are a few symptoms that your computer may be infected with a virus of some other form of malware.  You have no doubt experienced this at some point and have been frustrated as a result.

Neutronis would like to give you 5 tips to avoid obtaining a virus.

  1. Turn off  the “Auto Preview” function within your e-mail program.   It is easy to recognize if this is enabled if you can instantly see the email message when looking at the “subject” of the email.  Often the email will show in a window below or beside the listing of emails in your inbox.  The reason why this is so important is because hackers will embed malicious code and attachments in e-mails and send them with the hopes of some unsuspecting person opening them.  If you have “Auto Preview” enabled you are opening them automatically just by the email being highlighted.  Please DO NOT open any email from someone you do know, recognize, and trust.
  2. Sharing a thumbdrive exposes you to a possibly infected device.  Everytime you connect your thumbdrive to another computer that computer gains access to your thumbdrvie and it’s data.   If you ever obtain a file from another person via a thumbdrive make sure that you have AntiVirus protection in place that is configured to scan thumbdrives upon insertion.   Be very selective of where you use your thumbdrive and what thumbdrive you put into your comptuer.
  3. Internet Websites can be very helpful but unfortunately unsavory individuals tend to pray on individuals browsing the internet who mistakenly click on items that will automatically download and infect your web browser or computer.  These “notifications” are often disguised as “we’ve detected a virus” please click here type of wording but they are in fact the virus and not there to protect you.  Unless the notification is coming directly from the antivirus program that you know is on your computer NEVER click.  Don’t install “toolbars” “search bars” or other “cute icons” as these often times are disguises for viruses and other malware.  Neutronis offers an internet protection product that helps prevent from these types of attacks.
  4. Software Downloads.  If  you’ve ever tried to download software from the internet such as a driver or other helpful piece of software you have quite possibley seen the scenario where the website appears to be trying to trick you into clicking what seems to be the download link for what you requested but often times is in fact an enitrely  different piece of software.  Only download software from a reputable source and if there are multiple download links and advertisments on the download page it is quite possible you should play it safe and look for the software elseware.
  5. Cracked Software You may not have heard the term but “cracked software” is software that you typically have to pay for but has been made available by someone for free.   Hackers use this method to entice unsuspecting people into getting something for free.  Unfortunately, what you are getting for free is a virus and likely providing access to a hacker access to your computer remotely. These “cracks” can be disguised as activation keys and other ways to bypass actually paying for a product.  Only purchase software from a reputable source.

Neutronis offers a secure performance packsge for only $14.95 per month.  This ensures that your computer is protected and operating at an optimal level.

If you have any questions regarding internet security or would like to schedule a service call pelase feel free to submit a support ticket online or call us toll free 844-964-HELP



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