Cloud Computing and Neutronis Cloud Workspace is safer than traditional computer systems.

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This week, we are going to talk about how cloud computing can be safer than traditional systems.

  • Companies no longer need to worry about developing complex disaster recovery plans. When using a cloud based service provider, they will take care of these issues quicker and more efficiently than companies not using the cloud, in turn to keep your company’s information better protected.
  • Cloud computing suppliers do their own server maintenance, which also includes security updates. These are done as soon as they are available, and quicker than with companies not using the cloud.
  • Using cloud computing provides protection against issues such as power loss at sites. Due to many cloud systems being backed up in multiple locations, even if a provider’s server goes down, your data will still be safe and available to your company.
  • Using cloud servers protects your company from issues such as employee computer loss or theft. It is a fact that over 800,000 laptops are lost/stolen in airports each year.  Since all the company’s information is stored in the cloud, it is still safe and can be accessed regardless of what happens to the computer.
  • Since cloud-based computing providers provide a great deal of security measures, this allows  your company’s on-site IT team to have time to deal with other issues as needed, keeper your company safer overall.

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