5 Important reasons smart companies are moving to the cloud.


While there are far more than five reasons for your company to make a move to the cloud, these are the 5 facts regarding the cloud most people are interested in:

  • It’s cheaper
  • It’s safer
  • It’s faster
  • It’s more efficient
  • It’s flexible

This week, we are going to talk about how it is cheaper.  The cloud is a more economical for many reasons:

  • Cloud computing is simply internet-based computing, so there is no longer a need for expensive data centers and infrastructure. There are no servers, software, hardware or licensing fees to worry about.  Your company no longer has the cost of running the servers and their related equipment, which is proven to be quite costly.
  • The cloud provides your company with a predictable operating expense. Your company will not be paying for idle servers and unused equipment purchased due to needing to determine the capacity of a project before it is started.  With the cloud, a company will always have what it needs to operate, without the hassle of having to purchase and set up new equipment.
  • Cloud computing allows your company’s employees to work from anywhere, which means increased collaboration and happier employees, who are in turn proven to be more productive employees. Employees can work on projects at the same time, and communicate thoughts and ideas in “real time”, saving the time of your employees, which also means saving money for your business.
  • Managers have the ability to monitor more closely employees’ projects, which improves their ability to meet project deadlines and stay within budgets.

While these are just a few money-saving advantages of the cloud, it is obvious it’s a more economical way to run your business.  Call Neutronis Cloud Services today Toll Free 844-964-HELP to get more information on how you can save money with cloud services.  You can also register for our free cloud demo online. View first hand how your company can save money with cloud services!




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