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Cloud Backup

Neutronis provides a full, secure cloud backup solution for your business.
We will manage, monitor and restore your data at a moments notice.


  • Low Cost

    Starting at $29.95 per office, Neutronis allows you to archive large amounts of data at a very low cost. You pay for each device, with no minimum commitments or up-front fees.

  • Secure

    Neutronis backup automatically encrypts data at rest using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit symmetric keys and supports secure transfer of your data over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

  • Durable

    Neutronis provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for online backup and archival. Your data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility.

Sample Use Cases

  • Tape Replacement

    On-premises or offsite tape libraries require large upfront investments and specialized maintenance. Neutronis has no upfront cost and eliminates the cost and burden of maintenance.

  • Business Information Archiving

    Many businesses need to retain email, legal, financial, and other documents for extended timeframes due to regulatory or corporate policy. Neutronis helps you archive such data in a simple, cost-effective way.

  • Healthcare Information Archiving

    Hospital systems need to retain petabytes of patient records (LIS, PACS, EHR, etc.) for decades to meet regulatory requirements. Neutronis helps you reliably archive patient record data securely at a very low cost.

How does it work?

walk me through the process

Step 1

Neutronis will analyze your current backup strategy and configuration to fully understand the specific needs of each location.

Step 2

Once your existing backup strategy is analyzed we will formulate a plan to best address your concerns and develop a solution that fits within your budget.

Step 3

The agreed upon solutions are launched with full knowledge transfer. This process is performed in an organized step by step manner.


Backup status reports and health checks are provided on a continual basis to ensure all systems are running at archiving your data as .

Neutronis was able to assist our company in optimizing our existing infrastrucutre
as well as provide offsite and onsite technical expertise when we needed it.
I would highly recommend Neutronis to any company that wants to run optimally.

Helen Winter

Westigo Industries

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